The Sleigh Bell Letters – The Story of Blitzen

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The Story of Blitzen The Sleigh Bell Letters

We hope you enjoy each of The Sleigh Bell Letters books and hope you will leave your comments below so others can know how much you, your child or grand child enjoyed each book.

The Sleigh Bell Letters are a series of illustrated children’s books that share the untold stories of Santa’s eight reindeer. Written in the form of a letter from Santa, each 9″x7″ hardcover book tells a different reindeer’s tale. Adding to the charm and magic of these stories is the fact that each one comes with a matching engraved sleigh bell that reminds children of the special message each reindeer has to offer the world — messages like the importance of family or doing the right thing. The Story of Donner is the first book in the series. With this book you receive a 2″x2″ sleigh bell engraved with the name “Donner.” The Story of Blitzen is the second book in this series. With this book you receive a 2″x2″ sleigh bell engraved with the name “Blitzen”. Each sleigh bell comes in its own red velvet pouch.

Beautifully illustrated the stories told in The Sleigh Bell Letters books are sure to bring a new Holiday Tradition to your family. Children love these and Grand Parents and Parent love to read them to children. Start a new family tradition in your home this Holiday Season.

From our readers:

“My friend in Denver received her books yesterday and absolutely loves them!!  I told her to spread the word!!!” AM

“Love love love the books!!!! My daughter just read them to her sister and me.  They are amazing!!!! ….. They are so amazing and the illustrations and the sleigh bells are magical!!!”  AM

“The books arrived today and I just found a minute to sit down and read both!!! They are amazing!  Congrats!!! I loved them.”  KK

“Love the way the bell rings in the box!”  MA

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