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Story Tellers Festival

The Sleigh Bell Letters at the 2nd Annual Story Tellers Festival on Sat, 9/16 in Madison. Story Teller Festival - Madison NJ

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Stories of Donner and Blitzen delivered!

Hi Sleigh Bell Letter fans! I just have to share this story.

When I ordered the copies of The Stories of Donner and Blitzen with the publisher, I asked my appointed account rep, Mike, whether they could get at least some of them to me before December 4. Mike explained to me that they couldn’t expedite orders and that mine would not be printed and shipped until December 10.

I explained that one of my generous backers (and long time friend) had ordered 24 books (12 of each story) to donate to The Ronald McDonald House for their annual children’s Christmas party. The party is scheduled for Saturday, December 5, and she was hoping that Santa would have the books and bells to hand out as presents for the kids. I told him that I so wanted to be able to do this for those children.

Mike replied, “Ohhh, wow. Ok, give me a minute,” and put me on hold. A couple minutes later, he got back on the line and told me that they were going to expedite 50 copies of the books as a special order and ship them to me free of charge for receipt by December 4. He told me that they all agreed that they didn’t want to let down the Ronald McDonald House children who would be getting these books as a present from Santa.

I got the books yesterday afternoon, December 3, and spent this morning packaging bells in pouches and then bells and books in a shipping box. (See pictures below.) I’m so happy to say that FedEx picked up the box tonight and it will be delivered to Ronald McDonald House tomorrow morning in plenty of time for Saturday’s party.

Sometimes people do wonderful and kind things just out of the goodness of their hearts – like my girlfriend who ordered and donated these books and like Mike and his supervisor who made the printing of them happen in time for the party. ‘Just got to love the magic of the season.

Mrs. Claus AKA Leslie Martin Lajewski

Stories of Donner and Blitzen

Delivering Donner and Blitzen

Book Releases

The Sleigh Bell Letters book 1 and 2 are now completed and pre-sales have begun. You may commit to a book purchase and otherwise support the Sleigh Bell Letters on our KickStarter page or place a pre-slae order at

The Story of Donner: Santa’s First Reindeer
Did you know that before Santa found Donner, his sleigh was pulled by horses?  Learn the myth surrounding Donner and how he got his name.  Then go on an adventure with Santa to find Donner, his very first flying reindeer.

The Story of Blitzen: Santa’s Second Reindeer
Did you know that Donner has a little brother?  Well Donner didn’t!  Learn the story of Blitzen’s childhood and how he grew into his special power.  Then discover how Blitzen found Donner at the North Pole and joined his brother to pull Santa’s sleigh.

Our intention is to release 2 books each year in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. This is subject to change based on interest and the ability to fund the printings.

Books still to come

The Story of Cupid: Santa’s Third Reindeer
Everyone knows Cupid’s magical gift is love and joy, but did you know she was owned by a magical wizard before joining Santa?  In this delightful tale, learn how Santa acquired Cupid from a wise and generous wizard – along with a bag of magical corn to help all Santa’s reindeer fly!

The Story of Comet: Santa’s Fourth Reindeer
With a name like Comet is it surprising to learn that this young reindeer’s only wish is to fly across the night sky?  This fourth letter from Santa tells the story of how Comet grew up studying the stars and comets and eventually traveled to the North Pole in the hope that Santa would make his life long wish come true.

The Story of Prancer: Santa’s Fifth Reindeer
The Queen’s Guard in London is replacing the royal reindeer with horses and all 40 reindeer are looking for new homes.  Will Santa ignore the nasty remarks about Prancer and choose him as his fifth reindeer?  In this sweet story, Santa is reminded that what you see on the outside is not necessarily how you should judge a person — or a reindeer.

The Story of Vixen: Santa’s Sixth Reindeer
Can Vixen win the first ever North Pole Reindeer Athletics Competition to become the sixth reindeer on Santa’s team?  Learn how the Athletics Competition first came about and the details of the six events that make up the games.  Then discover how Vixen proved to Santa that she was not only a clever athlete but a kind and respectful competitor as well.

The Story of Dancer: Santa’s Seventh Reindeer
This charming story shares the life of the minstrel Baron von Gyldenstem and his magical dancing reindeer, Dancer.  Learn how Mrs. Claus discovered them by chance and how she convinced both Dancer and the Baron that they belonged at the North Pole.

The Story of Dasher: Santa’s Eighth Reindeer
The Annual North Pole Reindeer Athletics Competition is back and competition is fierce.  Three reindeer — Javan, Neve, and Dasher — stand out from the rest but, as Santa explains, it isn’t about whether you win or lose, its about how you play the game.  This story is great reminder for all children that fair play and honesty is more important than winning.